This is how Captain Kirk deals with homicidal teenagers with superpowers.
He takes off his shirt and glares at them.

this is how captain kirk deals with literally anythingunidentified space germs aging you super fast, making your hair go gray, giving you arthritis? take off your shirt and brood. broooooodjust received news that an ambassador aboard your ship has been assassinated? take it ooooofffffa strange unidentified cube blocks your ship from warping out? leisurely stroll down the corridor…shirtless and smolderingcaptured by space nazis? pfft happens like every other day. take off the shirt and smize at your space husbandi think we should all aim to resolve conflict like captain kirk

In the goat’s mind: ”hello furry sausages let’s be friends okay”
In the puppies’ minds: “jeSUS CHRIST WHAT THE HELL”